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aode electronics
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          • Cards and integrated Products for video communication

          • AODE electronics manufactures cards with high density, realise the wires assembly of boxes 19" and perform a functionnal test in an apllication environment with video sources and network.
      • Application & Product: Modular chassis for digital TV Headend  application

        – Coding product, video decoding and telecommunication MPEG, IP, ATM

        – For telecommunication operators and TV broadcast network

        – Products working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

         Technologies and Home made

        - Dense numerical cards : 4 '672-pins' BGAs

        - Modular chassis integrated with Power suply of 220Vac or 48Vdc, Ventilated by the bottom of the basket

        - Firmware and embedded software loading 

        - Functionnal test on bench

        - Full industrial file management : 2 kinds of mechanical 19'' frames , 10 active references of cards, multi-releases management. 


        Aode electronics advantages

        + Dedicated Audio-video-Telecommunications Functionnal test benches to configure and validate each assembled product  

        + Takaya & Jtag board Testing

        + 48 000 BGA  assembled  on this product range per year






SociétéSitué sur le Technopole de Brest Iroise à Plouzané Aode c'est :
une unité de production de cartes, d’intégration de produits et câblage de baies - l'adaptations et...
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Certifications en9100 iso 9001
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