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aode electronics
    • From the lab to the methodically ouput

    • AODE electronics offers its services to assist you during the transition from the laboratory prototype to the reproducible product while creating ...
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    • Your cards: assembled and tested

    • AODE electronics offers its production means of electronic cards assembling ans realizes manufacturings fitted to your demands. Thanks to its 'in ...
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    • Your Turnkey equipments

    • AODE electronics takes care of the cards manufacturing and checking, the chassis or electronic racks assemblying and wiring as well as functional ...
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    • The electronic wiring and on-board power Specialist

    • AODE electronics has specialized in the wiring and connecting construction for on-board systems. We work on your chassis, boxes or racks and ...
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    • Electronic professional Services.

    • AODE electronics wishes to satisfy your needs in terms of manufacturing as well as in customized services depending on your occasional or recurrent ...
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    • High skilled staff and measurement means

    • AODE electronics has technical and experienced ressources to take care of your cards or electronic equipments maintenance and after-sales-services ...
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Défense Télécom vidéocom
Ferroviaire transport Industrie energie
Aéronautique Médical
SociétéSitué sur le Technopole de Brest Iroise à Plouzané Aode c'est :
une unité de production de cartes, d’intégration de produits et câblage de baies - l'adaptations et...
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Certifications en9100 iso 9001
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